Be in balance

Our Lifecoach helps you to get your life in balance again.

Personal Development

You can talk to our life coach concerning personal problems, development, and spirituality, ethics and social engagement


Everything you discuss with our Lifecoach will be handled discrete, preserving your own personal privacy.
Margit van Tuijl
Life Coach

From 1997-2005 I studied theology in Amsterdam, Heidelberg (Germany) and Leiden, with a focus on individual counseling. After 2005 I took extra courses in counseling and psychology. Life questions, spirituality and existential topics have my special interest.

Life Coach Margit

  • Friendly

    I gladly take time to listen to your story. By asking questions I can help you finding new ways to approach your own questions. Sometimes it helps talking to someone outside your family, circle of friends or colleagues.
  • Inspiring

    It’s my quest in the counseling to search for inspiration. What gives you strength and confidence? What brings color to your life? If you want to I help you (re)finding your own sources of inspiration!
  • Trustworthy

    I’m good in keeping a secret! Besides that it’s part of my function that I won’t tell the things I hear in the counseling to others unless you give the permission. So your story is safe with me!

Our Goal

You can always contact TINT for a conversation when there are things that might be troubling you. Life entails more than just studying and sometimes you are met by challenges that might be difficult to handle by yourself. This can be anything. How do you cope with your parent's expectations? What do you really want in life? How do you keep from losing yourself in a relationship or friendship? It could also involve more painful experiences which at first might seem insurmountable to you. Experiences of loss because of someone dying who was close to you or if your parents suddenly decided to divorce.

Every year feels like a new beginning as a new generation of students arrives. New people, with new names and faces. Young people, motivated and imbued with their (usually technical) discipline. This environment inspires TINT; the dynamics of study, research, innovation and problem-solving. Our life coaches enjoy the challenge of organizing, with and for students, all kinds of activities concerning personal development and spirituality, ethics and social engagement, dialogue and meetings with international students.

Our Life Coaches are interested in helping people to help them in what they do, why and what they choose. What is their drive in life? What is their passion and their deeper desire? In their eyes, these questions are key to finding meaning in our lives. We like to have an open conversation with students about their challenges in life and see how you can take charge of them.