Inspiration & Contemplation

TINT provides a welcoming meeting place for (international) students of the TU/e, Fontys, and the Design Academy. We offer open-minded people an opportunity to connect and get inspired by each other. Come meet us in one of our Discussion Nights, Clinics, Eat & Meet and movie nights!

Personal Development

Through a variety of personal development workshops and trainings, TINT teaches the art of living to help people achieve personal growth and find their relationship with the rest of the world. We provide clinics such as Mindfulness, Time Managment and Cultural Awareness.

Community & Volunteering

Help the unfortunate who cannot help themselves! We do volunteer work projects, like cleaning out the house of a former drug addict, or fixing up the living room of someone who's disabled. Make a difference by joining our volunteer work!

Living Mindfully

To achieve inner balance you need to find some peace and quiet in a world of busy. To help you with this, TINT offers meditation, mindfulness, nature experience workshops, and a yearly recurring monastic weekend where creativity and peace go hand in hand.

Personal Coaching

Is something keeping you up at night? Do you need someone to listen, or are you looking for advice? Our personal life coaches can help!

Getting Connected

TINT is also present on the well-known social network Facebook (come visit us!), and on the student Life Quest community, where like-minded people can connect and share their thoughts on life. See our contact page for more ways to get connected with TINT!